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Barb Solyst REALTOR®

I learned my 3 most important guidelines for this business from my mother, who went into real estate in the early 1960’s. This was a time when more women were learning they already had the people skills that made a sale a pleasant and positive experience for themselves and their clients. When I eventually followed in her footsteps, these were the guidelines that made all the difference for me.

Lesson 1: “Trust is the greatest gift a client can give you. It’s your job to earn it.” This lesson has helped me remember that my client’s outcome is more important than my own. If I find myself in a situation where my client is losing but I’m winning, I need to stop and look again through the client’s eyes. The commission is never worth losing a client’s trust.

Lesson 2: “If negotiations get hard, find a way for each side to end up with something positive, even if they have to compromise.” A real estate deal can sometimes feel like a tug of war. My mother taught me to never lose my cool and to listen to the other side to understand where they’re coming from. Most disagreements can be resolved with patience, respect, and innovation.

Lesson 3: “When things are changing around you, look for the benefits and find a way to go with the flow.” Flexibility is healthy for physical, mental, and emotional wellness. It’s also a necessity for a business that changes as fast as real estate does. Adjusting to changes in business practices and technology has helped me grow and keep my services relevant.

If you’re considering a move or just want to keep up with trends in the market, I’d love to hear from you.


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