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Barb Solyst

Barb Solyst REALTOR®

One of my favorite people in the world turned out to be the first Real Estate agent I ever met: my mother. From my preteen days on, I saw her get dressed up, jump in the car and go someplace important. When she came back, she was usually smiling. That was good enough for me. After college, I went into Real Estate myself. My goal in this business is to give each client the individual attention they deserve. Over the years, I’ve tried to see beyond the next sale. If I establish a valuable, long lasting relationship, my clients come back to me. Although technology has drastically changed the Real Estate world by speeding it up and making information more available, the first commission I earn is still your trust.

I’m more than the agent who sells you a house. I’m your coach. Together, we make the team that finds the best solution to your Real Estate challenge.


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