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Jenna Denker REALTOR®

"Do I know you from somewhere?" That's the line I hear all too often, whether it be while standing in line at Target (for the third time that week) or meeting with clients for the first time. So often in fact, that I had to explore why. Why do people always think they know me from somewhere, before I have ever actually met them? I think it's because I am such an open book you can talk to me about anything, no subject is off limits. I pride myself on being honest, warm, empathetic and genuine. What you see is what you get, no pretension. I'm a people person and thrive on making genuine connections.

"Uff-da!" It's embarrassing how often I find myself saying that. I am a true Minnesotan, born and raised. I grew up in Northeast Minneapolis where the entire side of my mom's family lived (and still does live) on the same cul-de-sac. Yes, you read that correctly. My uncle, aunt and cousins lived across the street and my grandma, grandpa and great grandma lived next door to them. If you've seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you have the exact and perfect visuals right now.

That's where my true love of "home" grew from and is the reason why I love helping people buy and sell their homes and future homes. Home has always been my favorite place to be. It's where all of life's most beautiful moments happen. From the messy, imperfect ones to ones you wish you could bottle up and keep forever. You can visit all the tropical paradises or luxurious European destinations your heart desires but at the end of the day, you will always miss your home.


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What OurClients Are Saying

-Matt Z.

Jenna was fantastic to work with. She was always available to answer questions and delivered the price we wanted to sell our old house for and got us a solid deal on our new home. I’d highly recommend her.