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Kevin McDonald

Kevin McDonald REALTOR®

I got started and interested in the Real Estate business at a young age, painting fences around my grandfather's car lot. He would start me out with a paint scraper, brush, and a bucket of white paint. It was a lot of work, but freshening up that fence made quite a difference in the way grandpa's lot looked. From that, I noticed houses and other properties that could probably benefit from a fresh coat of paint or a little repair. I found that in addition to the sense of accomplishment that comes with fixing up a property that had fallen into disrepair,I felt great satisfaction in seeing the face of someone who thought that house with the new face would be a good place to live and, maybe, raise a family. I enjoy the challenge of helping each client with the process of buying and selling property. It can be a lot of work, but like fixing up a house, it can be very satisfying, too. To me, it's like putting a puzzle together, when the last piece is put in place and another satisfied client shakes my hand, I know I did my job and that is what satisfies me the most. This is a referral-driven business, "If the customer isn't happy, do you think they will refer me to their friends? I learned quickly to never be satisfied until my client is." I feel like no matter where my clients are, they are covered "like a good coat of paint."


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